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which tele railbucker?


New member
Dec 10, 2021
Getting a thinline clone and I'm gonna replace the stock single with a rail style humbucker. They have several options for resistance

6-7K, 8.5-9.5K and 13-14k (Alnico V)

anyone have any experience with them? I've never used a rail style pickup ever so don't know what to expect.
Ideally I'd like a sound similar to a full sized humbucker. It already has nice saddles, So I'd rather not have to replace the plate to fit a full sized one and just use the existing tele sized hole.

I like to play pop rock and hard rock. I dont really need high output since my amps all have plenty of gain.

I also already have 2 other tele bodies with a singles so I wanted something different for this one. Thanks in advance!
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Well-known member
Oct 20, 2005
I got a full set of Joe Bardens for my strat back when he was making them. They are still in place after years of playing. I dont know if they are made the same way today.

I have Lollar p-90s in my R4. They're great. I see he has what he calls a B.S. bridge pickup. I'm sure that with his Charlie Christain neck would kill.

My Tele has Harmonic Design Neck and Bridge. I'm not changing them. JMHO. ;)
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Big Al

Well-known member
Apr 24, 2002
For me, a Tele needs to retain its teleness and a Tele bridge pup is the essence of great tone. If I needed to make such a choice I'd do what Larry Gatton did. Barden Rail.
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Apr 6, 2005
Joe Barden: preferably Vienna, VA made originals if you can find them (successors company JBE good as well).

Danny Gatton at work (play) with his:


Active member
Jul 1, 2009
I tried Duncan Rails in a Strat and was very disappointed. The guitar lost all character. It was louder but just sounded blah.

I have a Nocaster that I wanted to add some punch to. I installed a set of Lollars. A Charlie Christian in the neck and a BS in the bridge. They have the output of a good P90. They are a very strong sounding pickup but retain the Tele twang when the volume is rolled back a bit.



Oct 26, 2023
I've got a Dimarzio Chopper T / Twang King set on my Classic 50s Lacquer. I needed more oomph than what the stock pups were able to give me and I must say that the Chopper's very good. Still retains plenty of the classic tele sound but at a mich higher volume and output. Pretty hot but not too much, way less than a Hot Rail.