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Big Al
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  • Big Al I was reading one of your posts on adjusting a P90 on a junior.....Here is my delimna..... I have been adjusting a P90 on an Episode Billy joe armstrong Jr and it still sounds thin to me . what would you suggest to get great tone on an EPI junior. This is a 2021 model and it has plug i wiring!!could that be the problem ? Any way if you have any suggestions I would be all ears ...Thanks in advance
    Big Al, I knew you from years ago, always liked your wide view of life and the live and let live attitude. I have not been here in years. Now that I have a new Lester s well as my old '74, just wanted to say hi from Ione CA. I'm 75, grew u[p on Lake Erie. It's all good.

    Be well and God Bless,

    Tommy Quinn
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