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Vintage Fender ads.


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Sep 3, 2002
I remember that one. In 1983 I went to a Fender clinic/ product demo in Berlin. They had the Rivera era amps and they were doing give aways. I won a set of strings for "knowing" that the Broadcaster came out in 1948:laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:

That ad is wrong. Leo din't even make the first prototype until sometime in mid 1949. Don Randall didn't even have a sample guitar in August of 1949 for the Chicago or New York NAMM show.

The pot codes for the white prototype were dated from the 31 first week of 1949. Leo didn't order the tools and dies(needed for production) from Race & Olmsted until August for the bridge plate forming and fabrication of the fiber baseplate for the lead pup.

All info came out of the Richard Smith Fender book , "The Sound Heard 'Round The World".

Fairly sure there are no production Spanish Electric guitars made before 1950 except the example painted white with a pine body and another example with no paint and a control panel(from/for a P bass) placed near the bottom lower bout between the endpin and output jack.
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Apr 3, 2008

I remember going to see movies at that theatre as a little kid

Tom Wittrock

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Aug 2, 2001
An ad from 2014 doesn't seem vintage, even if we are passed New Year's Day. :ganz