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Ordered a fender paramount deluxe parlour!


New member
Jun 16, 2017
Hi there,

Ordered a beautiful looking Fender deluxe paramount parlour guitar for relaxing on the couch with :)
It's such a nice looking guitar with a great spec, Solid wood, rosewood back, ebony bridge / fretboard.. wow what a looker.. Anyone have one of these?
It was a choice of this Fender or a Martin dreadnought JR..
A lot of people would not dream of spending that much on a guitar made in China but imo there is some amazing kit coming out of PRC (when it's made at the right factory)


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Well-known member
Nov 16, 2021
Frankly, I've never heard a Fender acoustic that I thought would be good for anything except firewood, and I kind of resent Fender for trading on their name/reputation in order to sell garbage.
The saving grace is, they are inexpensive, student models; but it's stiull shocking how abominable they are.
All those poor folks who don't know the difference and think, "Oh...Fender...they're good. I'll buy that one."
Hopefully they've upped their game for higher end stuff.