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Les Paul Custom 57 Reissue neck

Mats A

Jan 15, 2008
I wonder does the Les Paul Custom 57 Reissue have fat big neck like the 68 Reissue? I tried a i believe 2015 68 Reissue last year and it was a real baseball bat. Like a 2011 58 Standard Reissue i had.


Well-known member
Jun 27, 2003
Yeah, those are pretty good size. I have a 2004 that went to Historic Makeovers and one of the things that Kim did was make the neck alot more playable. He shaped it like an early `59 Standard.


All Access/Backstage Pass
Dec 10, 2003
I have had 2006 57 Custom and now i have a fresh 2018 one. The new one has a bit thinner neck, especially on first frets with bigger taper. Much more comfortable, the 2006 one had really fat baseball bat neck with almost no taper.


Well-known member
Jan 19, 2009
Most of my Pauls are 14 and 15's and I can be blindfolded and handed my guitars and tell you which one it is by the size and shape of the neck. Several 15 and 16 True Historics started getting smaller (but they relaxed the shoulders which feels fantastic!). So my experience says yes, a 2015 built 57 would have a chunky neck MOST LIKELY. Most of the Historics I picked up then and since followed my observations on these I bought below. THAT IS NOT TO SAY ALL 13, 14, 15,and 16's ARE THE SAME. Just those I played. And the R4 below may be the bigest exception to the rule.

2014 R4 - HUGE! Not a baseball bat, a friggin' LOG! And my lightest at 7# 11.9 oz. (Note, NEVER have seen one this big since either)
2014 R7 - Huge Neck
2014 R8 - Large Neck
2013 R9 - The perfect R9 neck. Nice round medium to slightly larger neck
2014 R0 - Wide On Top, Skinny on the depth
2014 R1 - SG style LP. Chunky like the 59 but slightly smaller in every dimension.

2015 TH6 - Tru Historic. Large neck closer to my R7 than my R9, but shoulders to die for...
2015 HS4 - Part of my trinity set. Closer to my R7 than my R4 but VERY deep. HS is Historic Select. (True Historic spec custom builds.)
2015 HS5 - Trinity set. Really different. More depth but more oval than round. ALMOST a soft V.
2015 HS6 - Trinity set. About like R7 but slightly larger.
2016 THBB4 - Almost the same as my R9.