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  • Hi,
    I'm reaching out to you as I'm trying to unravel the history of a lefty Gibson Les Paul Gold Top serial# 1 2616 signed by Les Paul at the Iridium Jazz Club. It possibly belonged to J Steinman that you know. Charlie at Groovy Guitar bought from a guy in northern New Jersey who had the lefty Trini Lopez, which Elliot Easton acquired later. Feel free to email me at simonteisen@gmail.com
    TM1 did you ever meet Jeff Porcaro or Mike Porcaro? I really love hearing your stories about all the musicians you worked with and wanted to know if you ever crossed paths.

    Mike Porcaro was an awesome bass player, and I loved the steady beats he created with his genius brother Jeff Porcaro on the Drums. Toto IV is a very neatly produced album.
    Jay T
    Loved Jeffs style. If Im not mistakened, He was the genious behind the shuffle in Rosanna.
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