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  1. TM1

    1959 Les Paul Special Case Question

    I have the exact same guitar and case! I bought them 30 years ago! I have 9309xx
  2. TM1

    Any Love for the `80's Super Champ?

    I have a Celestion 10" Gold Alnico in my Super Champ! Never was a fan of the EV's or anyother high powered ceramic speaker. Almost all the speakers I use are alnico and mainly Celestion's except the Cerwin-Vega ER-123 I have in my `61 brown Princeton. It had been cut out for a 12" before I...
  3. TM1

    Anyone know much about this Dickey Betts goldtop

    The guitar that Dickey used in the late `80's/90's was a `58 GT. I've played it a few times back then. The Fillmore guitar was also a `58 that was sent off to Gibson in early `72 and refinished sunburst. Dickey gave it to Danny Toler. Danny got in a bind and sold it to a DJ at KLOS, Geno...
  4. TM1

    Serious bridge post question , check your 2020 and beyond Historic Custom Shop and Murphy Lab bridge post

    I always replace mine with a 2", 6/32" Brass post. The 2" gets it into the wood farther and transfers more string vibrations into the wood.
  5. TM1

    New String Alert - Fusion Flats by Pyramid

    I have a set on my Strat( the Hendrix set .010-.038) and a set on my ‘59 Country Club.(010-.046) They sound great and very unlike the regular Pyramid Gold flatwounds. I’ve been with Pyramid since 1996. You guys can buy strings from me instead of these big box string sellers… www.tone-man.net
  6. TM1

    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    Thanks for the info guys! Much appreciated! Another one to check out👍🏻
  7. TM1

    New EB day

    I have a ‘63 EB-1 ! It’s a great bass! I do believe that ‘63 is when they went to nickel plated covers as that’s what’s on mine. These EB basses always sound best/correct with flatwounds!
  8. TM1

    R9 Murphy Lab Green Lemon Fade Heavy Aged

    To me the most important aspect is how it plays and how it sounds. If those two points are there, then I really don’t care how it looks
  9. TM1

    1962HW BRG

    Goldtop; they are old T652’s with the Marshall “Uxbridge Rd” labels. My friend Jim Elyea who wrote the “Vox-JMI years” book had them and sold them to me way back when. we just got in from Amsterdam last night and I caught Bronchitis the night before we left.. so give me a couple of days. I’m...
  10. TM1

    1962HW BRG

    Beauty! I built a Style #1 back in 2006 with Eric’s cloth! I’ll post some photos here when I get back home. I’m in Europefor the next 10 days..
  11. TM1

    I'm digging a varitone on my ML Les Paul

    I have a 1965 Epiphone Al Caiola Custom which has a Varitone with little switches so you can turn on or off the different selections. It has mini-hums which are so clear it’s scary! I love it!
  12. TM1

    Western electric back in the tube game???

    That’s about what I pay for NOS M.O.Valve KT66’s that are good for 8,000 to 10,000 hours of use. I pay $700. for a pair!
  13. TM1

    DUMBLE or D Style amps

    I met Alexander a couple of times. I use to work across the street from Groove Tubes at SWR Eng. seemed like a nice enough chap! We talked about KT66’s whichI got the impression that it was one of his favourite output valves. On a trip to the north of England I went to the home of a really great...
  14. TM1

    1964 Princeton Amp

    I have a 1962, brown version of that! Great amp. I put a GZ34 rectifier in mine and a pair of 6L6’s.the previous owner had cut the baffle out for a 12” speaker. I put one of my 8 ohm poly gray Celestion’s in it! It sounds wonderful. My first good amp back in the 60’s was one of these… I’m glad I...
  15. TM1

    Does the year guitar was made matter?

    I have a 2002 R-0 (1960 reissue) I bought it new. I sent it to Kim at Historic Makeovers. I has a lovely Birdseye Maple top and a Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard. The only difference between it and a new R-0 is the top wasn’t glued on with Hot Hide Glue. It’s a great guitar. I also have a 2021...