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Clapton's Cesar Diaz Modified Low Power Twin - How to Get that Tone?


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Feb 16, 2012
My two complaints about the Custom Shop amps are:

1- The solder fails quite a bit when you get them. On both my Vibro King and Tweed Twin, both needed to have joints touched up with the old solder, which I believe is not green. For the home player, this probably doesn't happen much, but if the map is on for a long time (especially outdoors in the summer) and then moved around all sorts of loose joints happen. It's a quick retouch and the issue is solved, but I had so many problems I eventually had the guy who fixes my stuff just go through everything visible and reflow with new and old solder and that solved the issue.

2- The tweed seems to not be durable. I don't abuse my gear, but it does get moved a lot. My TT looks like an old one because of how beat up it's gotten just from a few years or moving it around. I would think that by this time they could make a more durable material.

FMIC, I see relic maps to match the relic guitars in your future!
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Jun 27, 2003
Two things… I would buy a “BrownBox” and drop that AC voltage down! That will let the amp breathe! Today’s wall voltages are too high compared to the 1950’s & 1960’s. Those amps were designed to work on those lower wall voltage’s.
Better, more durable tweed? Peavey did that back in the 70’s & 80’s. They had tweed Tolex. The move to white & brown tolex by Fender in 1960/61 was their answer to the tweed issues.
BTW, I use the BrownBox with all my amps, they sound better! My wall voltages go anywhere from 116v up to 130v. I can keep my amps sounding consistent with the BB!