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Amps you sold but should have kept


Well-known member
Mar 15, 2015
Like anyone, I have some regrets about the gear I sold over the years. My biggest mistake was not buying a '58 Burst when I had the chance in '94.
My other biggest mistake was selling my 1967 Marshall JMP 50W with 8x10 cab, in white. At the time I was working for the dutch Marshall distributor and I got a call about dating a Marshall someone wanted to sell. He was pretty vague about it and from my documentation I couldn't date it right away, so I offered to have a look at the amp and maybe make an offer. I drove over and found a beatup 8x10 cab with matching 50W head, in white... I made him an offer and took the head with me and returned the next day with a trailer to pick up the cab. He also had a '67 Olympic White Telecaster I offered to buy but he wouldn't let it go...
He told me his band had ordered 3 white stacks and 3 white guitars, this 50W, a 100W lead with 2 cabs and a 100W bass with 2 cabs, along with a Strat, Tele and P-Bass. They played them for a few years until the lead and bass amps were destroyed in a barn fire. He kept the 50W and hardly played it after the fire. My Marshall colleagues went nuts, it was a plexi with white back panel, early '67, everything stock. The in-house amp tech checked it out and that was the first time a screw had been turned since '67, it was perfect, caps were fine, tubes were perfectly biased and had plenty of life left.
I played the head for a while with different cabs but the 8x10 was just to big to move, so it stayed at home. I also owned a 1965 Super Reverb and a gold logo Marshall 6101 Anniversary combo which was just as loud, sounded almost as good but much easier to handle so the plexi wasn't my number 1 amp.
One day I got a call from my local guitar dealer, he had a customer for the set so I sold it to fund a 1980 Heritage Les Paul. It went to Al Anderson former guitarist from the Wailers, who later told me he sold it to Steven Seagal (actor).
Still miss it, it sounded so good and looked pretty cool as well...

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Texas Blues

Active member
Apr 13, 2008
Gibson Skylark I gave to a friend.


'78 Vibro Champ I loaned to a guitar player friend of mine.

Never got it back.

More the stupid.

Then again.


We play music.

But we aren't always that smart.


Nov 28, 2003
The 2204 in my avatar. I bought it brand new in 1983 but in the 35 years I owned it I never really got to play it the way it should be played so I sold it a couple of years ago.
It was a decoration in my house, so I hope it's getting 'rode hard' in its new home.


Fender Super Champ

Mesa/Boogie Mark 4 SimulClass 1x12 combo with Graphic EQ & EVM speaker

THD Univalve


Well-known member
Aug 30, 2002
I bought a blond, Bassman piggyback in the fall of '72 off an old farmer for next to nothing. Kept it for years then foolishly sold it in 2001. Same with the boogie I bought new in spring of '77. I also wish I still had the Ampeg Reverb Rocket 2 that had from about '75 to '85. Those were all great amps. The Ampeg had such a unique tone when dimed....old alnico CTS speaker sounded magical with the crap being knocked out of it. Here are some scans of old gear photos...



Oct 30, 2015
When I turned 20 I joined this local blues band and needed a big amp to play outdoors gigs like fairs and so. Somehow I found a 1976 Marshall JMP 2203 halfstack for a good price, and was in tonal heaven right until the moment I left the band. Back then I was still a student and it felt nuts to have a 100 watt halfstack at home so I sold it. Later I played a few later JMP 2203's but none of them sounded like the one I had. I would love to have one again for a Thin Lizzy tribute band...

I also regret selling a Silverface Princeton Reverb. I bought it for a great price and used it briefly together with a Tweed Deluxe, in a rig similar to Mike Campbell's. Then my band stopped and I thought I could do with an amp less...
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Mar 15, 2006
I had an early '70s ('71-'73?) Marshall 100W stack back then that I sold in the mid '80s, after I got married and shortly thereafter lost my job. Looked like this:

Used to play with a band about 10 years ago and the other guitarist had one permanently set up in his living room, where we used to practice without drums. He was obviously divorced:D

Midnight Blues

Well-known member
Feb 20, 2011
Used to play with a band about 10 years ago and the other guitarist had one permanently set up in his living room, where we used to practice without drums. He was obviously divorced:D
Early on, I was still living at home, of course, being that I was in high school, but I used to keep one bottom where we practiced and the other in the closet in my bedroom. I'd lug the head back and forth. I'd practice in my room and luckily for me, my parents never complained once. On the contrary, they were extremely supportive.



The Duke of Dumbassery
Mar 19, 2002
Every Fender Deluxe I've ever owned. Every time I got rid of one, I thought, "great amp, but common as flies. I'll just grab another when I want."
All-time worst decision as far as amps go was my '74 100W Marshall 1/2 stack. So loud it would cause vertigo if you stood too close. Signed by Jim Marshall inside the cab. With slipcovers. I still can't think about that without getting a little sorrowful. Totally impractical but what an amplifier


Well-known member
Jun 10, 2020
Not me, my Dad.
Sold his 63ish AC30 head and cab in 1966 (as well as a 62 Strat).
Bought a tatty early 60s AC30 w/blue speakers in the late 80s, sold it a couple of years later. It just needed a bit of TLC, but at that time they were just old amps, not collectors pieces.
Replaced with a Marshall JCM 800 100W 2x12 - 4102?. Not only did he wish he'd held on to it longer, a mate of mine borrowed it for a couple of gigs when he was 'in between amps'.... he still regrets not buying it off him.
As for me, I tended to find something I liked and stick with it, until it died. My current setup I've had nearly 30 years.