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  1. RnB

    what pickups on a 1987 bb king lucille?

    Got this ES Brochure when I bought my ‘85 Dot in ‘94.
  2. RnB

    1960 ES-330 TDN

    The crown jewel of 330's . . . Nice! The prices on these Blondes have have soared. Three on Rvb in the + $20k range 😮
  3. RnB

    Slim Harpo Es 330 Lovell sig?

    Come here baby... Scratch My Back :whistle:
  4. RnB

    Buffing Polyurethane Finish On An Epiphone Les Paul

    Most Auto stores carry a line of finishing products (polishing cmpds), like Meguiars. 3M is also very good ~ but pricey.
  5. RnB

    Watch Out Boys...

    These gals are getting down: <iframe width="854" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/787jmj60VLg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. RnB

    ES-335 Pickup Decision

    I have an '85 335 Dot Neck w/ Shaw('s) installed. Purchased it about 20 years ago. I upgraded the pots to 500k long ago, but the orig ceramic caps are still in place. I have not messed w/ the pickups. Recently, the neck pickup was cutting in & out. I tracked it down to a frayed wire causing the...
  7. RnB

    ETG-150 Electric Tenor guitar

    I'm working on an Gibson ETG-150 Tenor Archtop w/ one P-90 pickup, that's possibly a 50's or 60's model? I'm helping a friend restore it, but haven't had much luck finding it's DOB. It's similar to this ETG-150.....but w/ a Cutaway & 26 3/8" scale (13 3/16" to 12th fret)? It also looks to be a...
  8. RnB

    Need Help Dating a Gold Top...

    I am working on a friend's Les Paul & we're trying to determine exactly what year it was made? The Serial # stamped on the back of the Hdstk is 909353. It does not have 'Made in the USA' stamped on it. Looking at Gibson's Serial Nos, it appears to be made in 1968. However, all the indicators...
  9. RnB

    Roger Steen's Les Paul

    I've been a Tubes fan since their inception in '75 & just now I'm wondering about Roger Steen's Lester. I believe he's been playing it from the Tubes' beginnings. I'm guessing that it must be an oldie. Would anyone here have any info on it? There are some good shots of RS rippin' on it in this...
  10. RnB

    1959 ES-355TD

    Just got home Schoenberg's Guitars in Tiburon, CA, oogling at this '59 355 TD Stereo. All original w/ a nice faded finish & PAF's. Looked like an OK deal...priced at $15,750? A little pkdg shrinkage & some gold flaking on the Bigsby, but OTT...the finish is in great shape. Not the bright red...
  11. RnB

    1959 ES-355TD

  12. RnB

    '68 Gold Top

    Got it <> Thanx TW...I didn't read the fine print! Sorry Post Deleted RB
  13. RnB

    Kool Tool!

    I'm not sure if this has been posted here before, as I just got wind of it? When I bought a CV Guitars PG Model from Larry Corsa I also bought a couple of extra Faber parts to have on hand...just in case! When I recieved everything, I noticed that he included a 'Freebie'. He had sent along...
  14. RnB

    Tuners Differences...

    What's the difference between Gibson's standard press-in bushing Keystone Tuners (the green ones) & the Historic variety? I was the told that they are different. Looking at prices of them, there is about a $30-$40 spread. Is one better then the other? I'm not referring to any of Gibson's...
  15. RnB

    Stainless ABR-1 Posts on ES-330

    Does anyone know if the Stainless Steel Posts Mod for an ABR-1 will work on an ES-330. I mean, I'm sure it's doable, but how far can you drill down into the top before you go through it. Mine look real wimpy & have slight movement in them. You'd think SS would be one way to strenghten up the...