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  1. Marshallhead

    A special thank you to LPNV59...new to me 56/59 conversion.

    Sometimes a friend comes along who is not only a friend but a mentor and inspiration. See, my friend Billy was having a bad day so what does he decide to do? Gets in his car and drives 3 hours south and hands his friend a vintage Les Paul and says "pay me when you can". To my friend, mentor...
  2. Marshallhead

    Aged parts, who has the best stuff?

    I've got a 2013 R9 and a Y2K Korina EXplorer that need stuff. Thanks!:salude PS, I used "search" already :dude:
  3. Marshallhead

    Vintage Marshall heads.

    Thought you guys would like to see what's left in the arsenal:wail Our own Lpnv59 is in there too:rofl Okay.. Top... 69 plexi 50 Trem...The Bishop named for Mark at Mark's Guitar Loft where I got it..one of my all time favs. LR NEXT 66 JTM100 PA 67 SB100 PLEXI 68 SL100 68 SL100 69...
  4. Marshallhead

    Historic Makeover Retro Spec parts on my 06 Murph R9

    NICE stuff!:applaude :wail http://www.historicmakeovers.com./retrospec/ BTW, Kim gets the stuff as new plastics and uses his original parts stash as a basis to age them. In person they are just fantastic. The HM stuff is mounted to the guitar and the reg Historic is off to the side.
  5. Marshallhead

    07 VOS R9

  6. Marshallhead

    Just got this 62 335

    Never owned one before and now I don't think I'll ever go without. VERY cool sounding axe. The truss rod BTW, does rattle in case anyone is wondering:hee
  7. Marshallhead

    Yummy...66Plexi PA.

    Cream back panel, small Vox vents....and look at the tubes it has:applaude Over 600VDC at the plates.:bug
  8. Marshallhead

    Here's what to do with those old ugly guitars

    Play 'em out live and loud!:rofl :wail
  9. Marshallhead

    06 VOS R9

    And this makes, well, too many:laugh2:
  10. Marshallhead

    Page 7XX

    Came home today:dude: Im' not a huge Page fan but I do respect and admire what he's done. This is the most "old" sounding Historic I have come across in bone stock form. A friend and I went to an independent dealer in NJ yesterday and today. We brought his 57 GT with 9.0k bridge PAF and I...
  11. Marshallhead

    Some Les Paul pics

    L to R in the first pic: 76LPC, 77LPC, 00 ZW, Y2K R9, 03 58 BRAZ (formerly owned by Mick Ralphs)with PAF's,03 R9 BRAZwith PAF's, 04 R9, 59 AND 57 Juniors.Missing is my 69 GT which is under restoration. At the bottom is a 68 plexi Super Lead on top of a 67 plexi Super Lead in turn resting on a 70...
  12. Marshallhead

    Couple of Juniors

    57 and 59 with a 58 Gibsonette holding 'em up.:dude:
  13. Marshallhead

    My new Reinhardt 18 watt amp. Review too..long read.

    Let me start off by saying it takes alot for a guy like me to buy a new Marshall inspired amp. I have so many old Marshalls I have become a little jaded about anything new. I have been wanting to build one for myself but frankly, I dont have the time and well,the GAS was too much to stand so I...
  14. Marshallhead

    So I bought used...8 3133

    Great deal and I feel pretty good about it not buying new. Here's my other 03. R9 9 3422: Here's the neck problem guitar(or not,depending on who you're talking to :lolspin ) 9 0062 : The amp is a 58 Gibsonette :2zone
  15. Marshallhead

    Gibson Custom Shop warranty..bad experience and I wanted to share..LONG READ

    I figured some of you may be interested to hear this. I own and have owned several Historic LP's and Custom shop guitars as well as Gibson USA guitars. Recently I was told by a very good luthier,who is also a Gibson warranty center,that my Y2K R9 neck is beginning to twist lengthwise. There is...