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JJ Blair
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  • Hey JJ

    I built a u47 with all the original Bosch caps, real vf14m, kk47 capsule, nos laminate Ami transformer and it sounds wonderful. I’m wondering a foot off the guitar speaker would you say it’s in the ballpark as a u67? I’ve watched vids online of compassions on several sources and they can be extremely similar. The k47 capsule likely brighter than mylar.
    Hi! I’m brand new to the forum and I really don’t even know if this is the right way to send a message. But I was reading a comment you made on a post trying to date/authenticate a 3 pickup custom. You mentioned something about the 19th and 21st frets indicating it was a 58-59. I was wondering what you meant by that?
    Hi JJ, where'd you get the black plastic slide on strap lock? Thanks! RAB dot335@comcast.net
    Hello JJ, i didn't want to ask publicly but I'm wondering how much one of those WOLF replicas cost? I'm interested:)
    Hi JJ -

    Who had the cherry red mahogany-bodied '62 Tele at the CM Show?

    The reason I ask is I bought one like that in Seattle in the late '80s, thought I had The Grail, but could never prove that it was a Fender factory finish. Clear cherry red, with orange peel - looked like CAR without the silver undercoat, just red-on-wood. Even had John Page and Mike Stevens inspect it at an Arlington show - the best they could offer was that it 'might' have been a color test of some sort, totally unprovable. I sold the guitar in Florida to the next guy that thought he could prove provenance.

    Just curious if it could be the same guitar.

    Best wishes -

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