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Recent content by JJ Blair

  1. JJ Blair

    Amazing headstock repair!

    Also, I feel the quality of a repair really impacts the value. I think the old paradigm of broken headstock = immediate 50% reduction is outdated. This is not the first invisible repair I've seen, and the fact that a repair like this would be treated the same as a crappy repair is a spline is...
  2. JJ Blair

    Amazing headstock repair!

    Thank god the repair person didn't use a spline. Really great job.
  3. JJ Blair

    Hey Burst experts, how accurate is Historic Makeovers?

    The only one I’ve seen up closer is Lazarus. They got the Cherry back correct, and the yellow correct. No shadow and no fade. Some aspects of the finish were good, but not amazing. But they’re doing some of the better work out there, from what I saw.
  4. JJ Blair

    Birdy solo!

    Eh, what the hell. If I ever finish this record ... maybe during quarantine? Who knows. In the meantime, this is Birdy (0 2165), I believe straight into a Tweed Deluxe or a Selmer Zodiac Twin 30. One of those two. I honestly forgot. It's a Jerry Garcia song played in the style of Herbie...
  5. JJ Blair

    1954 Recycling Center score!!!!

    A friend just posted this on facebook. Looks like the neck was refinished, and there's of course black over spray on the rest. But the guard, harness and wood is right. Pretty cool find! A friend of mine stumbled across what appears to be a 1954 Les Paul at a recycling center yesterday...
  6. JJ Blair

    Garcia with a DCTV Special.

    In 1971, somewhere between the SG Standard and the Stratocaster that would become his main guitar for a couple years, Jerry donned this nice Special. So funny to go from that to a Strat, but they were getting more country, so I see how that makes sense. Based on the neck pickup location, I'm...
  7. JJ Blair

    WTB: Late '50s Tele bridge pickup

    Looking for a staggered pole bridge pickup for my '56. Thanks.
  8. JJ Blair

    Anybody know anything about John Birch guitars?

    I'm fixing up a John Birch SG for a friend. The body definitely originated in a Gibson factory. I'm curious about the wiring schematic on these things. Any of you guys know anything about these? I'll post pics later, if anybody wants them.
  9. JJ Blair

    Birdy video content...

    This interview and tour of my studio was done recently. Birdy content at 1:05:00 and the tour of my guitars starts at 44:00.
  10. JJ Blair

    Reverb article on Burst production number by Tony Bacon

    https://reverb.com/news/how-many-les-paul-bursts-did-gibson-really-make Good read. Info we've all covered here, but it's summed up nicely.
  11. JJ Blair

    Sininchi Ubukata signature 355

    This thing looks so cool that I almost want one! http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2017/Memphis/Shinichi-Ubukata-ES-355.aspx
  12. JJ Blair

    Gibson selling Memphis factory

  13. JJ Blair

    A couple cool Teles I just built

    I recently put two Tele's together. The first is a B bender. I bought a bender loaded ash body from Matney, who makes a kick ass bender. I wasn't digging the finish, so I stripped it, properly radiuses the edged, and prepped it. I had just made a record with Nancy Wilson, and fell in love...
  14. JJ Blair

    Custom Korina Firebird

    I was playing my buddy Oliver's Flying V. I can't remember if it's a '58 or '59, but it just killed me. It had the resonance of a great Junior, but with tightness and clarity like I've never heard from mahogany. I really must have that sound! The only thing is that I don't really dig playing...