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    Root Beer Les Paul DC Pro

    Wow.... Just got one. It's great!!!! 2007 root beer LPDC Pro. Picture and soundclip here: http://www.imusicscene.com/comment.php?mode=view_comments&type=song&band_id=17&song_id=4746&template=script_comment.tpl
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    Gibson Les Paul DC Pro

    Welllll--- The DC Pro. Newer ones are REAL Les Pauls with 22 frets and with the same girth as the single cuts (the ones from 1998/1999 are chambered and have 24 frets). I like the 1998 one I have. It plays great. Sounds great. 24 frets==a bit more flexiibility, but missing some tone variation...
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    Anyone remember Camel???

    This is some really great Les Paul Tone, I think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTVnCyDoQlQ&mode=related&search= And some doubleneck action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mBNnq6s-zI&mode=related&search=
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    More HR Fusion and Join the Jam

    Here's some more HR Fusion at GWorks. GuitaristWorks is a cool site with lots of players and some cool collaborations going on. Feel free to join the forum, and add some playing to this track. I played the first minute and 15 seconds with my HR Fusion...
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    Howard Robert Fusion clip

    Remember these? I saw Alex Lifeson play one on the Moving Pictures tour. I loved it. I got one as soon as i could (got mine in 1982). Here's a sound clip at GuitaristWorks.com http://www.guitaristworks.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9146
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    Al Di playing a LES PAUL from 1991

    Kiss My Axe. He put his PRS down long enough to play some cool lines on a Les Paul Standard again (YAY!!!!!). I always thought Al Di had great LP tone. Here's the YouTube clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgaRjKe2Hkg I love You Tube.
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    Tuners and 12 string nut for 1981 Doubleneck

    I have a doubleneck from 1981. It's got the slightly shorter headstock and the inline tuners that come built into a single row (that is, they're not individual). Can anyone point me to a place where I can get replacement tuners and a 12-string nut? The doubleneck looks very like Alex...
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    Found an old doubleneck track and pic from 20 years ago... "You don't know where I am" http://www.guitaristworks.com/artists/bands/17/
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    Howard Roberts Fusion fans???

    I got one back in 1982. What a great guitar. I still have it. Fireburst, black pickguard. I did a song named "Look Ahead" usign it: (second song down from the top) http://www.guitaristworks.com/artists/bands/17/
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    CS-336 song "Walk In the Dark"

    Second song down "Walk in the Dark" is done with CS-336 for guitar parts. . http://www.guitaristworks.com/artists/bands/17/
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    CS 336 Clip

    Here's another entire CS-336 clip I posted on Guitaristworks.com I love the 336. They're such great tone machines. http://www.guitaristworks.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5419
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    Music produced by a CS-336

    Soundclips of a CS-336 Hi, I posted this on GuitaristWorks.com.Sort of a companion piece to "336 in the Morning" I did everything 'cept the bass on my Gibson 336. http://www.guitaristworks.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4038&highlight=phinally And this...
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    "Stormy Skies" track featuring Gibson Les Paul Std

    Hi, Here's a track featuring my Amber-colored Gibson Les Paul Std (got it from Dave's Guitars in Wisconsin earlier this year). I posted it on GuitaristWorks.com Rhythm guitars are Les Paul Std. Harmony guitars are Les Paul Std. http://www.guitaristworks.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4423 Thanks...
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    CS-336 Sound clip

    Hi, I've got a CS-336 (from Centre City Music). They're really great guitars! Here's a sound clip of the guitar (posted on soundclick.com). Everything is CS-336 except the bass line. I mixed it a little low volume-wise. Be sure to tip the volume a bit when you play it...