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    Jun 2019

    Les Paul toggle switch wire

    I read an excellent detailed article on how to convert your guitar to a 59 style wiring and pickups (Seymour Duncan antiquity) but one thing that isnt mentioned is the toggle switch wire, I notice the original 59 had the same thick wore as the pickup wire but mine has very thin (higher resistance - darker tone) wire.

    I wanted to ask if anyone has bothered to change this wire and if they notice any improvement or if you have any tips/diagrams that can help me on my way to modding the switch.

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    Re: Les Paul toggle switch wire

    I used a Seymour Duncan diagram to switch to 50's wiring on my 99' Standard. The change didn't involve my selector
    switch. If your talking about changing pickups and wiring, I would just keep the switch wire as it is for now. It could just
    possibly be an old diagram that shows a thicker wire. I doubt that the switch wire would have anything to do with tone
    or output, but you could investigate further if you wish. Good luck and I prefer the 50's wiring greatly.

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