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WTB Single Cut Les Paul Junior


New member
Sep 17, 2001
Back in 2007 I played a '56 Les Paul Junior at the Santa Monica Guitar Show. That guitar has never left me, and I am now in the position to buy one. At the time I couldn't justify a month's salary for a guitar, but being in a better place brings me back. I am in interested in a 54-58 single cut Junior, no head stock repairs but a solid guitar with original electronics. I may go for a re-fin if it is the right one, but I want a player just like the one I held at the show. I now kick myself for not pulling the trigger that day, but hope there is something out there. BTW that was the year that Phil X did a bunch of demo videos for the Bursts at the show. One highlight was visiting Ganzler's booth and getting to play a burst through a '50s champ. Never could have afforded that but he obliged.

Edit: My e-mail is cangwin@ucla.edu

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