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what is worth more? Black beauty or 68 VOS?


Oct 21, 2021
I am thinking of buying a LP custom 2012 in very good condition black beauty for 3200 eur.....

But there is another offer Customshop 58 Reissue VOS for same price....

what is worth more? I presume 58? ANd for how many percent?

Basically I just want a black beauty...it looks the most beautiful guitar to me ever...

The new one is 4500 eur, and I got offer for 2012 for 3200 eur....seller does not want to go lower

seems to me the demand for custom went way down in the following months...before 1 year ago everything custom was snatched from the used market immediately...
now this 1968 vos is being on the internet for 1 or 2 month without anybody buying it....seems weird....

Dr. Green

Well-known member
Dec 12, 2018

get a real 1957 Gibson historic black beauty reissue with the following specs :

1) 2013 or later with hide glue and real ebony board - kluson tuners - custombuckers

2) solid all mahogany body

3) proper 57 reissue serial number - not a CS xxxxx number

4) 9.4 pounds or lighter

it seems to me you have your heart set on a 1957 BB reissue and you are just going to cork screw yourself into the ground thinking about 500 other options

I wish I could play like this guy :

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