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This experiance was not so warm & fuzzy......for me

Dave Rogers

Les Paul Forum, Premiere Dealer
Aug 4, 2001
Not so warm & fuzzy!

Sorry your dealings with us did not go as expected! I talked with Jeff DePetro this morning and he says that the guitar that he had tagged for you is the one that he brought to Dallas. There would certainly be no reason for him or anyone else in the store to switch them around. I tried to call Bill at Charlie's to see if there was any problem on his part, because I don't even know if he looked at the guitar at the show. I haven't heard back from him yet. We e-mailed the customer that purchased the other one and asked him the weight on that one. He said it was about 9 pounds (it didn't sound like he had an accurate digital scale!), so I don't know exactly what is going on. As we packed over 300 guitars to take to the Dallas Show, I'm sure we could have gotten things mixed up. It certainly wouldn't be the first (and unfortunately not the last) time that we've screwed up, but we'll do whatever we can to make it right. In this case we can offer a total refund including any shipping charges incurred or give you the next '57 Authentic we get in. As Gibson does not guarantee the weight of a guitar coming to us, I'd have no idea if you'd get a lighter or (unfortunately) heavier guitar. Again if we messed up I apologize profusely. I can vouch for Jeff Depetro being as honest as the day is long and he is very protective of the customers that he deals with. He would never deliberately do you wrong.

Dave Rogers