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The ones that got away: 1960 Gibson ES-335 TD

Feb 24, 2021
Of the Gibson ES-335s I've had, the one that sticks out in my mind the most is this 1960 Gibson ES-335 TD. It appeared like a typical Sunburst '60 ES-335 with dot neck fretboard and stop bar tailpiece, but I found out as soon as I got it home that the pickups were factory out of phase from each other. Not only that, but the neck pickup had slot screws and lacked a patent applied for sticker.

I was shocked at first thinking that I had purchased a modified guitar. I bought it from its original owner who said he never modified anything. I thoroughly inspected the guitar and found that none of the solder appeared to have been disturbed at all. Both nickel humbucker covers had perfectly matched patina. As I continued to play the guitar, I found the out of phase middle position to be loads of fun after dialing in the amount of phase cancellation with the volume knobs. I loved the guitar, but was unable to keep it forever. I sold it to a friend who would let me play it any time I want to, but he's pretty far away so I haven't played it since.

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