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*** Stolen Music Equipment *** Stolen Music Equipment ***


New member
Aug 14, 2010
I'm really upset at the moment and need your help.

Never thought I would ever have to deal with something like this. But Sunday (07/18/2010) a climate controlled facility was broken into (21 units total) and I had some very expensive and sentimental gear stolen. I'm passing this along to everybody I know in the hopes that it may help. Please pass it along to anybody who can help.

This happened in Walker, Louisiana. Near Baton Rouge/Denham Springs area and Hammond, Louisiana. Please keep your eyes and ears open.

I'm sure I don't have to say which of these guitars is the most important to me.

8 Guitars
1 Amp


1957 Gibson Les Paul Special

TV Yellow, ding on lower horn/cutaway, chip on back of guitar neck
Aftermarket bridge, original in the case along with Black Diamond string boxes, no longer made
Brown Gibson case, pink interior color


This is another pic which shows the ding on the lower horn. Other than a chip on the back of the neck, the guitar is perfect other than normal aging.


Gibson Les Paul “Gary Moore” edition

Lemon Burst color, clear mahogany back, figured maple top which is like a finger print, no two are alike Says “Gary Moore” on the headstock plate
Seymour Duncan Pickups – not stock, neck pickup facing wrong way, will make this guitar stand out
Brown form fitting case with “Gibson USA” outside
Case interior will be blue and say “Gary Moore” on the protective cover


Jackson Randy Rhodes USA
Low serial number, 800-1000 range stamped on fret board of guitar neck

Black on black, Kahler tremolo, chips on points, hair line stress cracks on back from 3-piece construction
Seymour Duncan Invader and Jazz pickups, not stock and makes this guitar identifiable
Black Jackson guitar case


Ibanez RG 7620

Vampires Kiss (magenta)
EMG 707 pickups, guitar had to be modified for these to fit, this will make it stand out
Extra EMG control in back cavity
Will be in a black plastic SKB style case


The Heritage VIP

Tobacco Burst curly/quilt figured top which is like a finger print, no two are alike
Seymour Duncan “Screamin Demon” pickup, not original, will make this guitar stand out
Black guitar case with “The Heritage” on outside of it, case will look heavily worn


New member
Aug 14, 2010

Hamer Californian USA

Black Iridescent finish (black multicolor)
Chrome hardware
Seymour Duncan Invader and Cool Rails pickups are not stock and make this guitar unique
Black guitar case


Jackson Stars “Jake” Kelley model
Serial number 001817 on the last fret

Rare Guitar as it was only made for the Japan market and imported to the USA by me
Burgundy/red metallic w/black bevels and back, black hardware
EMG pickups are not stock and make this guitar identifiable
Black soft leather bag/ case


Alvarez Acoustic guitar

Natural wood finish
Has a scratch/scrape/gouge in the top of the guitar, in the area circled
Black form fitting guitar case



Mesa Engineering Road King guitar amp

Early edition with the “Triode/Pentode” switching option at the rear tubes which was discontinued
Red Crocodile leather covering, this is a special order option and each one is slightly different, like a finger print.
Black Mesa Engineering slip on cover


New member
Aug 14, 2010
Anniversary bump.

Just to update, I did get the Heritage VIP and the Vampires Kiss Ibanez RG 7620 back, everything else is still MIA.