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Recommendations for replacements to ProBucker Plus pickups


New member
Jan 15, 2019
This has been asked before but I can't find the answer I'm looking for (yes I did search first!). I have a new Gibson Les Paul Modern, it has BurstBucker Pro Plus pups and I find them too strong, too bright and too harsh. They're Alnico 5, I'm looking for a more Vintage, classic LP sound i.e. tamer and warmer. I am going to replace them (ie not "just adjust my tone control'!) I figure I need some Alnico 2s. Tried a set of Seth Lovers, but I didn't like them. Can anyone recommend a replacement set (4-Cable and potted) The ones that seem to get recommended often for this are Gibson '57 Classics or Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro or even ToneRider Alnico II classic? I can't actually try before I buy so If anyone has been down this rabbit hole before it would be great to hear. I'm in Europe so please no US boutique makers sadly! Thanks All.
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