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R9 with ThroBak 101+


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Apr 6, 2005
No mystery here, just a pleasant listen to an older, used R9 with mods (bone nut) in the wild, with ThroBak 101+s.

Nice playing by Jon. So... I guess this is a Jon-to-Jon thing? @jwalker


This is a "soft ad" by a YT influencer as the R9 is available in Singapore -- I have no affiliation, not spam.

Just thought it was a good listen!
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Apr 15, 2016
Bought a set of these recently (always been an alnico 2 or 4 fan) - what doesn’t come across in the video is that the combination of the 102 & the 301 winder gives this unique compression under the fingers - it’s sooo addictive! The uoa5 mags also give them this wonderful sizzle & sustain - the pickups don’t suit darker sounding guitars, but my goodness when they’re in the right guitar (as I’ve found) damn….

There’s a video online of Bernie Marsden playing the beast into a fender tone barn 5e3 style amp with 15” speaker - that’s what these pickups sound like !