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Price for truss rod cover from the earliest of the 1968 Les Paul Standards



I’m trying to find out what this truss rod cover might be worth. Apparently it came from the very earliest of 1968 Les Paul Standards. It was on my 1955 Les Paul Junior when I got it in the 80’s.

Here is the info I found online about this truss rod cover. Stop

The picture that they include on the site is a truss rod cover just like mine. I posted it below along with mine.

  • Note that the rarity of these instruments makes a serial range very difficult. You very rarely see them for sale or at all. They were only made from possibly as early as June 68 through around August 68 or so.
  • Date of Construction: Early Third Quarter of 1968. The previously mentioned 899xxx LPC supposedly shipped in August of '68. I have SOLID confirmation that a 985xxx LP Standard shipped July 17th, 1968. This would have been a very early example. The 5xx,xxx series began around a confirmed, 501xxx, shipping date of August 15th.
  • All instruments of this era have a long neck tenon and a 1-pc neck.
  • For addition construction details, please see the "Early Series" section.
  • For serial references, see "Serial Number Info" on the home page.http://latesixtieslespauls.com/common.asp



The very first Les Paul Standards of 1968 have a crown inlay (like a 335) on their headstock where the infamous 'Les Paul Model' silkscreen typically resides. My research has so far indicated this feature to be present on Goldtops 501xxx to 505xxx. Remember, this is what my research indicates SO FAR. Seeing as how these instruments are so rare, it is difficult to acrew much data on them. I have a confirmed 514xxx crown guitar, but it is probably an outlier which was built earlier than its serial reflects.


The very first Les Paul Standards of 1968 have a truss rod cover engraved with the words "Les Paul" as shown above. Again only on GT's, some claim that a blank one is also correct.


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