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Original Owner and Highly Modified 1953 Les Paul... Turd Pile Guitar


Feb 25, 2010
Hi all,

I have no horse in this race. It is not my guitar, I don't know the owner, we just happen to live in the same county is all. I get nothing out of this. But watching the video and hearing the story I wanted to post this here in the hope that maybe the likes of Joe Bonamassa and his friends/collectors may be interested in a "turd pile guitar". Again, I have nothing to do with this sale, this person, or the guitar itself. The asking price at 35K is obviously way too high by a lot for all the issues/modifications and beyond my means (unless I win the lottery) for a samaritan act. The history and the ummm uniqueness of all the mods may be of interest to someone with deeper and benevolent pockets. But i will share the link with you all here in case you guys can help spread the word.

https://reverb.com/item/48665535-gibson-les-paul-goldtop-1953-1953-goldtop is the sale link on Reverb

is a demo play and interview/history with the original owner of the guitar

Call it my PSA for the year.