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New 63 SG Reissue Bridge suggestions

Rare Form

Active member
Nov 29, 2006
Hello, I just got a 63 SG Reissue and it has the lightening bolt bridge. I am going to give it some time to see if this thing can intonate well up the neck, but if not do you all have any good suggestions for wrap around bridge with saddles. Aged nickel since this one is VOS. 100963-body-xlarge.jpg


Well-known member
Jan 19, 2009
Those bridges do pretty well.

Just get used to it.

If it really drives you nuts I still have a Leo Quann BadAss (both unwrapped and one in the original packaging) from the late 60's that work perfectly.

Tommy Tourbus

Active member
Jan 1, 2005
Mojoaxe makes a bridge.
They make one of these, but it's the same thing, and it's also zinc, so I don't see a reason to change this one out for theirs. If you're talking about the Jr style wraparound they make, that one is made to work at a slant on the slanted bridge posts of a Jr/Special. It won't work on the SG with it's even bridge posts
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