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New 2020 '60s Standard in Iced Tea with 2020 '50s hardware?


Nov 17, 2015
A friend has just bought, brand new from a Gibson dealer, what he thought was a Gibson Les Paul Standard '60's spec in Iced Tea. But the control knobs and tuners are '50's spec (plain knobs and Klusons). It should have reflector knobs and Grovers.
No idea what the pickups are yet - he is discussing it with the dealer so isn't taking anything apart.

The Iced Tea colour option is not available in '50's spec, and the serial number and paperwork all make it '60's..........what gives with the hardware?

I thought Gibson had improved QC - this seems a bit of a blunder.


New member
Feb 18, 2021
They offered a 50s Spec Iced Tea burst as a limited AAA top upgrade in Canada through Long & McQuade, so perhaps this was available in your area also. I ordered one that is being delivered in a few days.