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Line 6 POD X3 Pro and POD Farm VST


Jan 11, 2005
I've been using a Line 6 POD XT Pro for recording guitars for several years now.
This is the red 2RU model.

I saw a POD X3 Pro on Craigslist recently.
The price was attractive and it was in mint condition, so I bought it.
It's a nice upgrade in several respects.
It's still a great piece of outboard hardware, but this now includes a very nice 24-bit/48kHz A/D with USB interface, which could suffice as your only converter if needed.
You can tweak the front panel knobs, or use the free Line 6 Gearbox software tool to graphically control the hardware.
That was the upgrade I was looking for, and it doesn't disappoint.
Like the XT Pro I used previously, the factory presets don't suit my tastes, but I can start from scratch and dial up some very convincing/usable sounds.
For my home project studio, it's perfect.

What I found out later, though, was that this piece of hardware acts as the license for the Line 6 POD Farm VST plug-in.
I downloaded the latest/greatest POD Farm v2.5 software, and using the Line 6 License Manager, now have a fully registered POD Farm VST.
No need to buy the iLok license/key.
Point Cubase to their VST directory, and it shows up ready to use.
Wow - what a great bonus!

If you use any amp modelling software/VST plug-in, you may already be aware of the Line 6 Amp Farm (older) or POD Farm (latest) tools.

Line 6 will gladly sell you POD Farm Platinum v2.5 for $300, or you can buy the hardware and get the plug-in for free.