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Incoming: New '59 Faded Washed Cherry with double zebra Custombuckers


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Sep 1, 2023
Very nice .. congrats on the purchase.
would like to hear your first impressions after receiving the guitar. 👍


Active member
Jul 24, 2002
Any updates? I'd love to see how it looks and hear how it plays and sounds!

I've had the guitar a couple of weeks now and it's took some getting used as this is the first les Paul I've had a for some years and at first I found the Custombuckers a bit strident and bright but after lowering them a touch (these Custombuckers are very sensitive to small movements up and down) I've got it dialled in and I'm really starting to love it.

Using the 50s wiring and playing the volumes and tones off one another in the middle position yields a myriad of subtle tones, and it can sound soft and mellow to full on LP roar with the twist of a volume knob.

Good stuff.

It's a hard guitar to take pics and really show off the colour and top to it's best as seen in person but I really like it.

IMG_1010 Large.jpeg

S. Weiger

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Nov 25, 2002
Good Lord have mercy. A Magnificent Lester, congratulations😻 (y)👏👏