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Hello Again!

Lucius Paisley

New member
Mar 14, 2020
I like what you've done with the place, very respectable. Nice.

Thought I'd post a couple of new acquisitions alongside their original counterparts before I got my hands on to them.

This is an Artist (Australian brand) TC59L left handed tele-style guitar with their own Bullbucker pickups, which can be found here - https://www.artistguitars.com.au/buy/artist-tc59l-left-handed-electric-guitar-bullbucke/70397

The modifications made were bridge pickup replaced with the uncovered version of the Bullbucker pickup as well as the control plate reversed in volume/tone/switch configuration.
I really like the simplicity of this guitar. I just don't understand why they went with two covered pickups when the usual telecaster has a covered lipstick neck pickup and uncovered bridge single coil. It makes more sense to me this way.

This is an Artist LP59GT90L left-handed Les Paul copy gold top with stacked P90 pickups - https://www.artistguitars.com.au/bu...nded-lp-electric-gold-top-w-p90-style-pickups

Modifications made here were - besides the obvious - everything but the bridge pickup and bridge volume control were disconnected, the neck pickup has had the poles and magnets removed with everything remaining put back in the neck position and covered because it looks much better this way than a gaping hole where a pickup should be, and the toggle is now effectively a kill-switch.

That white 'dot' under the bridge pickup is the result of an overzealous pickguard screw that had been driven into the paint. This seems to be a design flaw of the guitar and I'm not the first to receive it in this fashion.
I did have a minor issue with excessive noise/hum, which was corrected once I got it into my head that EVERYTHING that shouldn't be connected should be DISCONNECTED. Learn as I go, I guess.
You may have noticed I mentioned this guitar uses stacked P90s, which means with the aid of a pull/push pot, I can switch between the usual P90 sound and a quieter humbucker sound.

I feel I should let it be known that I would never do this to a real Gibson Les Paul, mostly because I could never afford one :)