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Got NR firebird GAS - help me!


Sep 16, 2007
Hi guys!

Had a serious case of GAS since the NR firebird studio was announced. Now I hear they are in shops; has anyone here got one?

I was also thinking, however, that for a few more quid (£1300 as opposed to £1050 for the studio) I could get one of the deliciously beautiful TV White custom shop birds which I would guess SHOULD be (on paper at least) a better guitar build-wise. I really do fancy something from the custom shop and I have all the Lesters I need (for now!) including a recently bought 1970 Custom that really does sound and feel every bit as 'right' as the historic LPs I've compared it against, and then some.

Any thoughts on the 'bird situation?! And of course, pics are NOT optional!:hee


Mar 17, 2004
I love the shape and can't wait to play one. I haven't seen any in the Los Angeles area and I go to a lot of different shops on a regular basis.