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First Gibson Les Paul (Cherry Sunburst)


New member
Feb 19, 2024
Hello guys im in search for my first Gibson Les Paul after more than 10 years playing the guitar it has always been my dream to own one. Im looking for a traditional looking cherry sunburst lp without pickguard. I wanted to ask what years/series do you recomend, i have been looking and im really liking the looks of the 2018 traditionals do these have great playability, great wood, are they chambered or weight reliefed? If not i would really apreciate if you could give me examples of great lp´s with no pickguard that are more traditional and closer to those 59 specs, but also sound a little bit modern and are great for high gain stuff?

Thank you


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”Great wood” and “great playability” can vary per guitar, of course. But generally 2018 Trads are well regarded I think. They aren’t weight relieved or chambered and the ones I’ve seen seemed to have neck profiles somewhere between 50s & 60s.


Well-known member
Apr 6, 2005
If you are hunting in the USA line, then late model Traditionals and "new Gibson" 2020-onward Standards are the way to go. The pickups will be more amenable to 'modern' than the reissues.

If you aren't familiar with them, and are open, then Custom Shop Reissues 'replicating' or approximating the original burst are worth a look to see if you enjoy the difference in spec for the increased price, but will generally have pickups more 'vintage' than 'modern' but of course you can swap to taste.

Just shop for the best you feel and hear and enjoy playing without regard to pick guard. They unscrew and come off!