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Faber ABR1


Nov 30, 2003
I'm thinking of buying a Faber ABR1 for my R9. Has anybody tried one of these? I see that there is no retaining wire on these and wondered if the
saddles are a tight fit like the Pigtail or whether they would fall out when string changing?


New member
Jan 9, 2007
I just got one to replace the Nashville bridge on my std. The saddles can move a bit, but they do not fall out. In fact, I don't know how you get them out to replace them, if need be.


New member
Dec 10, 2002

The saddles do not fall out, but they are pre-notched. Pre-notched is not a good thing IMHO, the picture speaks for itself. They easily drop onto Nashville studs with no modification though, a major plus in my book. I would like to see brass saddles offered with no notches. They do sell the titanium saddles without notches, but I have no experience with those.



New member
Dec 12, 2006
seems like the enlarged post ho;les (to fit Nashvilles) would be an issue on abr-1 equipped guitars. Are these really made in germany? They LOOK like the metric MIJ ABR-1 style that stew mac sells less the retaining wire.


Mark Kane

All Access/Backstage Pass
Jul 18, 2001
seems like the enlarged post ho;les (to fit Nashvilles) would be an issue on abr-1 equipped guitars. Are these really made in germany? They LOOK like the metric MIJ ABR-1 style that stew mac sells less the retaining wire.QUOTE]

Not really, the Stewmac model has pointy screws like a real ABR-1, it looks like the Faber has a regular fullsize screw going out the back.


New member
Jun 26, 2005
So is it possable to remove those saddles? Easily? without trashing the bridge/screws?


New member
Jun 20, 2005
What is the distance of saddle travel, for adjusting intonation?
Similar, (if not the same) as an ABR-1, I would think. Assuming you are going to use one in place of a Nashville, the travel will be a little less.

I have recently put one of these onto the existing posts on my 80's ES-335. Certainly find that the guitar 'rings' better acoustically, un-plugged. More resonance felt in the neck too ... :)

Spencer Mumford

New member
Jun 5, 2004
I have fitted both the stoptail and bridge. The bridge saddles did require some work and the posts being Nashville were clearly not going to fit. So I drilled them out in my pillar drill which was perfect for the job. I find the tone is quite dry now and perhaps a little woodier.


Formerly fishnose, Les Paul Forum Member
Nov 19, 2006
I have both the bridge (aged, with aged brass saddles) and the tailpiece (heavily aged) with the Faber system of spacers on the (aged) posts - on my '97 R0.
Very good stuff indeed.

The tailpiece post system is excellent - you put in spacers on the posts (3 sizes in the set) under the tailpiece and you can raise the tailpiece with the posts still screwed tight against the spacers. Really good. Gibson should use this system!

Bridge looks good, and adjustable much the way you would expect an equivalent ABR-1 to be. It's compatible with the original ABR-1 (and of course Reissues) hole-wise.
The non-wire thingy is no prob - the stuff sits safely. I've pried out a couple of screws to turn em around for intonation and they come out clean with just a bit of 'push'.
The aging is nicely done on all parts.
Underside of bridge says 'Japan' IIRC.

:] Fish