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Ebay Scammer Alert! Don’t Ship to 1140 River Road, New Castle Delaware!


Apr 6, 2003
Okay so it is not exactly breaking news that ebay is full of scammers. But if anyone makes a purchase from you and their shipping address is

1140 River Rd, Apt 7072632
New Castle, Delaware 19720-5106

It is a scam. That is a warehouse in Delaware that houses a Chinese Logistics center. How the scam works is they pay you, the funds clear, you ship, then when they receive the item they immediately open a return request for damaged goods. They send you back an empty box and ebay issues them the refund. You can read more about it in the link below, but they use multiple names but always that address. Sometimes a different apt number. I always google the address before I ship anything and I dodged a bullet. This is the third scammer trying to buy this guitar, I think the guitar wants to stay home!



Active member
Jul 5, 2019
Ebay should do something about this, or stand to lose themselves.