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Correct wiring harness for 70/71 LPC


New member
Sep 9, 2021
Hi all,
Newbie here trying to restore a 1970/71 custom cherry sunburst. Someone did the old switcheroo on this guitar in the mid 70s because is has 70s Dimarzios, all chrome hardware, cream knobs and poker chip. It also has 75 wiring harness. I found a set of pat sticker pups but Im really confused on what wiring to use. I've surmised that I can use short pots but that about the extent of my feeble knowledge. Can I use SG harness? Or are the caps differ on a custom?
Thanks in advance for the help. Bob

El Gringo

Well-known member
Apr 8, 2015
The stock harness that came from the factory would have 500k pots , which I believe were long shaft pots, with Black Beauty caps .