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Chuck Berry vs Keith Richards


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Jan 16, 2003
Great film, haven't seen it for a couple of years. Other highlights include Bruce Springsteen reminiscing about being in one of Chuck's pick up bands a la Bramley, and Keef offering to do the fills so that Chuck could concentrate on the leads. Chuck's response was along the lines of "Well, I've been playing them both for 30 years!"

Great story Bramley, I also shared a stage with Chuck once - although my experience is completely crap compared to yours. He came to Aberdeen (Scotland) in about 92 or 93, and near the end of the show he called for members of the audience to get up on stage and dance.

Now I'm a lover, not a dancer, but the opportunity to be able to say "I was onstage with Chuck Berry" was too much and I got up there and embarassed myself in front of 2,000 people never the less. I remember one of teachers ripping the piss out of me the next day at school. I got his autograph after the show though, but I don't know where it is now.

A true legend musically, although his private life leaves a lot to be desired apparently.