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Blues Deluxe Input problem



If the retaining nut on the guitar input on a blues deluxe is loosened, will the input wiggle a bit or is it supposed to be mounted tight to the circuit board. I assume a bit of play is necessary just incase the input takes a bash.


If the jack is PC mounted (even if it is PTP, for that matter), you will want the nut that secures it to the faceplate tight. Otherwise, the solder joint on the PCB will be supporting the jack and the cable, which is very much a bad thing.

Tim C.

Active member
Jul 15, 2001

The jack itself will still be tightly soldered to the board even if the nut is loose. The housing that holds the contacts is what is loose and wiggling around a bit.

The Fender Blues Deluxe/DeVille input jacks strip very easily. I have had to replace several. There are two issues of that jack, the second being a bit sturdier with a bit longer thread area.

If yours is stripped I would recommend getting it replaced.

Good Luck,
Tim C. :)