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Blackheart Little Giant


Jul 6, 2003
I love my Superleads but I am looking at smaller amps for the studio. The Blackheart Little Giant seems intriguing. I keep hearing "you get what you pay for" in my head every time I look at it. I was disappointed with the Valve Jr even after I did a number of mods.Most of the issues were tied to the lack of EQ on the Jr. This amp is by the same designer and addresses those issues.

Any real world recording experience with this amp? Does it do the Marshall thing? Does it do well with pedals?


Active member
Oct 27, 2001
Seriously, check out a Blackstar HT-5. You can pick them up for less than $300. But I would advise NOT to use the useless 1-10" cabs that are sold with them a lot. USe a good cab and you'll be pleasantly surpised.