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Any Luthiers in the Milwaukee/ Chicago Area?


Gimme a dollar dummie!
Jul 17, 2001
Hey All!

Several years ago a friend gave me a 71 Les Paul Deluxe. It had originally been a goldtop, but the face was sanded down to natural, I really didn't care because the guitar was given to me- free! One small problem, the neck was in 3 pieces. So after contacting Gibson, they sent me to a place called National Guitar Repair- who Gibson had told me did their 2nd work for them at the time. So I sent the guitar to them, and requested a "50's style baseball bat neck." When I got the guitar back it had a baseball bat neck, the THICK end of the baseball bat! It's the second largest neck I've ever felt on a guitar (the first was a custom made Warmoth strat neck). For several years I thought I'd get used to it, but now 7 years later, it still is a bitch to play. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has had any favorable (or excessively unfavorable) experiences with any shops who have done anything like shaving down a neck, preferably a Gibson Authorized Service Center. I've heard good things about Bob's Guitar Service in Chicago and was looking for someone else to do some price comparison. I'd also be interested in getting the whole finish redone as well, it currently has a $180 finish on it with blisters all over it, but I'm not too afraid to play it rough. Any help would be greatly appreciated!




Fiendish One
Jul 15, 2001
I recomend Lentz for the job. He is the best in the biz for refinishing Les Pauls, and if you wanted to really get it looking good, his gold tops are incredible. You may want to think about that too if it is a great guitar.
Did they use a Gibson neck, or make it themselves? The re-shaping of the neck is not a big deal, assuming the truss rod isn't too deep. Perhaps there was just too much meat left on the shoulders of the neck. In any rate it is an easy fix to thin it out to a nice '50s contour with a great feel.
Email me and I can put you in the right direction for getting this thing done correctly.