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Alan Hamel Pickups


New member
Nov 14, 2020
Hello everyone, I‘m Daniel from Germany and this is my first post in this beautiful forum.

I know it’s a Les Paul forum but I hope to find someone who can help me with a set of telecaster pickups I have at home. Let me tell you a story.
A good friend of mine put together a Partscaster from vintage parts many years ago. A 50s telly in sunburst. He told me a cool story about the pickups. He had an old telly bridge flatpole pickup from an 1953 telly that wasn’t working anymore. While he was searching for someone to repair it, he got the recommendation for Mr Alan Hamel. So he send that old flatpole and some money to the US to let it rewound and also to get a neck pickup for his telly.
Round about a year later, the “new” set of pickups came back to Germany and he put it in his Partscaster.

Are there some experts in this forum who can tell me about these pickups? Especially how much they are worth today. You can find crazy offers at Reverb for a set of Hamels but is it real?

I bought this telly with the pickups but I already have my favorites so I’m thinking about selling the Hamels. Does anyone knows something?

Thank you