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active mid-boost in LP?

Mr. Papa

Active member
Jan 14, 2002
Hey folks,
I have a Fender mid boost circuit, like used in the Clapton and Buddy Guy models, and I'm thinking about trying it in a LP clone with some vintage output humbuckers. Has anyone tried this and want to encourage / discourage the idea? I'm planning to use it for slide, mostly.

B Ingram

Jan 3, 2016
You can if you want. I think most guys would use a pedal for that, and select among the many varieties of "Mid-pushed" over drive pedals out there.

Examples of different flavors of mid-pushed overdrive pedals:
  • Tubescreamer (and variants like the Full-Drive)
  • Klon (as well as the KTR, Tumnus, Archer, Soul Food and various "Klones")
  • Tim/Timmy (not necessarily mid-pushed, but can be configured that way)
  • King of Tone (and its clones)
  • OCD
  • Secret Freq
  • Overrated Special
  • and many, many more

Sometimes the big difference among the pedals above is where the boost (relative to bass/treble) is placed in the whole mid-spectrum.

And a simple EQ pedal (graphic or parametric) can do the same, while adding boost without distortion. This is reconfigurable if your guitars/pickups/taste change...