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ABM Machined Bell Brass ABR Bridge

Tommy Tourbus

Active member
Jan 1, 2005
I'm actually looking for a machined STEEL ABR but need it in gold, and no one makes a steel ABR in gold for some reason. So apparently I'm limited to Brass if I want an upgrade from the stock zinc, and have been looking at this ABM version:


Besides being closer to what I'm looking for tonally, steel is also harder than brass which is a good thing to have in a bridge. Can anyone forsee an issue with collapse over time in one of these bell brass units?

To those that have used this brass ABM, have you tried offsetting it a little by using steel thumbwheels? Wondering if that might balance things out a bit

Mars Hall

Active member
Nov 26, 2008
I recently installed an ABM bell brass ABR-1 in gold finish on my 63 ES-345TD. The quality and tone are outstanding. My original bridge was fatigued and lost its arch. I prefer the tone after the swap. The Low end is firmer and the top end sweeter. My only critique is, for my application, I had to turn 2 saddles around for intonation purposes. The retainer clips, they use, failed to keep there shape for re-installation. They supplied one extra and I made due with the other. Also, be very specific how much "ageing" or "relic" you want. My bridge showed up looking brand new, even though the photo on the website shows a much more "worn" look. When I asked about it, they offered to age it "further" at no extra cost including shipping, if I returned it. However, they would not return the difference I paid for the "ageing" service.


Well-known member
Nov 6, 2016
Excuse my ignorance on the subject but is it possible to just get the steel one then take it to a plating service?