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9/11 Prevention Fantasies


New member
Oct 29, 2002
I think about this stuff almost every day. Let's suppose that you knew about it before it happened. Maybe you were clairvoyant, or you had some "power", or you could go back in time, or something like that.

I constantly have these fantasies of somehow disabling the planes, or killing the hijackers a few days before, or somehow preventing them from getting to the airports, or calling in a fake bomb threat to cancel all flights,.....

What would you do?

What's the best plan that would work?

How could you stop the hijackers in 3 different airports?

Would you "get them" months in advance somehow when they were all together?

Attack them in their sleep?

Seems easy if you KNOW about it ahead of time, but really....

What would you do?


Well-known member
Oct 20, 2005
Well I would step back a few years earlier and stomp out that miserable cockroach that is still alive and poisoning the minds of those people into thinking there is some sort of holy war against Islam. I won't mention his name. You all know who the jerkoff is. Bastard.