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58 Historic Re. Neck Shape


Well-known member
Mar 16, 2022
This may sound silly but my left thumb arthritis bout was initiated when I was cramming to learn some Hendrix songs for a class reunion I was playing at. Wrapping my thumb over the top to play those Hendrix chords just killed me after a few days! Took a cortisone shot into my thumb joint to fix it.

And yes, I now wonder if I should've kept my R8, fat neck and all.
I also had cortisone in my thumb. It was starting to trigger and the shot fixed the problem.


Sep 16, 2022
Of all the kinds of reissue LPs out there I've only had the chance to play and own two R7s ('03 and '04). I tried to get along with those big necks, but ultimately couldn't. I find it interesting how many players love those heavy bat necks - and more power to you. If you enjoy it, then that's the bottom line.

All that said, I have played necks that were too shallow and flat for my comfort - a trans-black Korina LP and a Yamaha SA2200 that I once had both come to mind. I'd be curious to hold some R9 and R0 necks for comparison. For me, the most comfy Gibson neck I've played is on my 2011 ES-345 (on the slim side, but nicely rounded) and honorable mention goes to my former 1967 ES-335...which had a great medium profile, but that narrow nut was not my favorite.


Active member
Aug 31, 2009
You'll put up with any neck profile if the guitar renders the tone you're looking for. My '06 R9 has a chunky, "U" shaped profile that feels rather weird if I switch to my '19 R8, which has the same thicknes, but a more rounded profile.


Well-known member
Jan 23, 2007
Re: players with arthritis......Bruce R, Tollywood and Steve (Goldtop0)
I've always loved a super fat/thick/deep neck.... and yes its true...its not so much the depth, but the shoulders that really make the difference.
As noted in numerous other posts, my 3 M2M's have necks so big that the Custom Shop had to reset the machine to cut the truss rod channel deep enough.
from left '18 R7 1st fret depth is 1.023", the CS-336 is 1.031" and the '20 60th Anniv R0 is 1.017". The shoulders are massive. It is literally like having the fat end of a baseball bat cut in half. As for the "I have small hands" argument...that's nonsense. As for playing comfort, especially with the occasional arthritis flare up?? the big neck is the best thing for it!