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2005 R8 with 1200 gigs on it. All natural wear


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Dec 3, 2006
Nope. there is no way my 2005 R8 would have done that.
The finish was way too thick and would have never checked or wore like that.
Where is the serial#? have to say faked and finish stripped.View attachment 21045
Mine was HM`ed. View attachment 21046
Even the finish on the older R8/9/0s will eventually check and crack. My 1995 R9 is loaded with weather checking all over the guitar - especially where I made the most contact with it. I don’t think I have any bare wood areas on the guitar with the exception of a tiny chip or two.

The weather checks on my R9 are naturally occurring and earned over many, many gigs - not 1200, but many.
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