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1996 Les Paul Classic


Apr 8, 2018
You guys will probably know more about this here than I can ever tell you...

Bought it ~2006, never did anything to it, appears to be completely stock. It plays well and sounds good and has aged well with lots of checking on the body, looks like a modest relic job but with the character brought about by honest wear. There are swirls and scratches consistent with a 25 year old guitar- it was already used when I bought it and I also used it, although not much lately. Some of them should buff out but there are a few which probaly won't. I was told it had no repairs when I bought it (and it certainly looks like it), and I can confirm that nothing has been done to it since I acquired it. No headstock repairs or neck issues, no routs for pickup swaps, etc...

Neck feels slightly chunky- not too thin but doesn't seem like a big baseball bat either. I can't say I'm too calibrated to call it a 50's or 60's neck though. It has a bit of a D profile to it. The frets appear to be original and do show some wear, but it plays well with a medium action. Weighs in at 9.53 pounds. I don't have the pickguard.

It's listed at $2400 on Reverb to cover shipping and transaction fees. I am open to offers through the forum, and will make a donation to the forum if sold through here.

Link to Reverb listing: