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1975 Les Paul Deluxe - Victim of 80’s Body Modification - What’s it worth?

Jan 11, 2020
I am a little more of a purist normally, but if I saw this hanging in a pawn shop for $1000, I might be tempted to negotiate a little bit. Would depend on how it played. Obviously not a collectors piece nor one to keep in the case so it does not get scratched up--but if she sounds good, I could see playing it. Sounds like you got a fairly decent price at $1100.


Jun 5, 2003
Nope, nope and a nope.
Big Al , I will say i respect your knowledge on guitars but tell me why nope , nope, nope is your reaction to the information I have here. The Pancake body was made in Kalamazoo the maple neck was possibly made in Nashville but I doubt it and the harness was made in Williamsville NY on the guitar that this post is about. Never seen a pancake body from Nashville other then a reissue. 1975 was the starting year of the Union busting of the Kalamazoo plant , nope ,nope , nope just don't cut it . Still enjoy your posts in the past though.