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1959 ES-345 TDN plugged into 1961 Fender Super and 1964 Fender Vibrolux Reverb


Apr 10, 2016
20210705_130417.jpg Love that Blonde 59.

Here's my 60 with its partner in crime a 1960 GA77.

They make a thunderous righteous sound together. Can't do the double amp trick as its has the varitonectomy.

So that's two of the 50 Blonde 345s made in 59/60 taken care of (four times rarer than 58-60 Blonde 335s!). Wonder how many survive to this day. Well Strung have a Blonde 60, with Custom Made plate, reflectors, sideways 😢 and some scratching on the back. POA on the site, although its was briefly listed on Gbase or Reverb previously for a very serious asking price!

I feel very fortunate to have this one - courtesy of OK Guitars of course!