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  • Hi Werner, I saw your comments. I have not withdrawn from the public and in fact am more plugged in than ever...just not here.

    Yes, Joe Ganzler and Tom Whittrock have relatively disappeared.

    Catch me on Instagram to keep up with my shenanigans. Abalone Vintage & Eric Ernest

    Here's a fun video from a few weeks back. LOL!

    Stay safe out there!

    All the Best, eric
    Hi Werner, cool Special man! It would be a useful guitar for me as a TV Yellow sample to try and match, and I could eventually try and refinish the exposed neck area too perhaps..
    If you do decide it’s superfluous, I’d be into buying it, so please keep me in mind.
    Many thanks, Yuuki.
    Hey Wernerg,

    Absolutely fell in love with CC6 long, long ago. Your # 21 is totally amazing. Finally found one for myself recently and I could not be happier. It is truly
    "number 1". Did you ever continue your owners list? I never see these anywhere, for sale or display.... and will never let mine go.
    Cheers, RC
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