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Recent content by Tim

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    Tom Bukovac Live. A Bit of 58 Burst action

    He has a new cd out, I think he's selling it through guitarhouse.net. The '58 burst is now his, it sounds awesome, and he's an awesome player!
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    How Can Wood Effect Tone?

    A guitar is 6 springs in parallel (the strings) tied to one big spring being the neck. But the neck is made up of multiple springs, the truss rod, neck wood and fingerboard. When you pick a note all of the springs vibrate together and this causes an adding and subtracting of phases and the...
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    Clapton's amps through the years

    "I saw Eric about 13 years ago and he used Vibroverbs, except for one song when they stuck a Tweed Twin on top of the cabs. Then they went back to the VV's. He sounded much better then I expected him to." "I wouldn't mind knowing his set-up when he did the 2002 live album, One More Car, One...
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    Burst 9-1998

    What would be a good reason for scratching off the serial number?
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    Burst 9-1998

    I like the one with the dark fingerboard.
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    Hitch A Ride - My LLB Top Ten #1

    That was awesome, always been my favorite Boston tune!
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    Clapton on a Special

    It looks like his hair was shorter in this pic.
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    What were the best "dust ups" we've had here on the LPF during the last 21 years?

    It wasn't PAF, it was Jim Seavall, the guy who owns scumback speakers. I just can't remember what his name on the forum was at the time... The 'God of Rock' from very early on was a good thread!
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    Woohoo, new Forum software is up

    Looks nice Mike!