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    Hey! I would like to know if you still have you LP classic antique in honeyburst? I suffered from a bit of a horror story back in 2007 when I bought one just like it and fell in love with it. After several weeks i found a small crack in the neck so I took it back to the store to see what they could do. They ended up sending in back to Gibson so they could 'inspect' the damage. Two weeks later I go back to the store. They tell me that Gibson has SCRAPPED my guitar because they didnt deem it worthy of repairing, offering instead to repace it. The problem was however, that the classic antique had already been discontinued. Naturally I was heartbroken. I've been trying to find one similar ever since. If you still have it do you think you would consider selling at a decent price? I know its a long shot but I just can't gjve up trying to get my beloved guitar back, however lame that sounds! My email is aj.mayne11@gmail.com. Thanks - Andy
    Hey Matt, I see you own a 10 50th Cognac R0 from Wildwood. I just bought what I believe is it's twin. It's in transit. The serial is 001228. Is your serial right net to it? I haven't been able to take any pictures yet and it's still in transit, but here are a couple from the seller: http://rickc007.com/les/
    I do and I love it. One of my favorites. Kurt always gets great tops in. Tell him what you're looking for and he'll put you on his mailing list and when he gets Lemon R0s in he'll email you photos of them.
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